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   Acting Reel


   Run time: 00:59

Acting Reel

Year of production: 2012 & 2014

Run time: 0:56

UNCSA & Columbia Short Film

Voiceover Reel

Run time: 0:47

Short Films


 Columbia University

 Year of production: 2013

 Run time: 3:53

"Trash Man"

 Columbia Short Film by Carver Diserens

 Year of production: 2015

 Run time: 7:57

 Password: trashtalk


"Keith Urban (The Player Series)"

Mayhew Breen Productions

Year of production: 2015

Run time: 15:00 (3:20, 5:49)


Quater-Staff Fight

Certified: 2011

Run time: 3:06

Adjudicators: Dale Girard & Chuck Coyl


Certified: 2011

Run time: 2:19

Adjudicators: Dale Girard & Chuck Coyl


Cymbeline: Virginia Shakspeare Festival 2016

Run time: 00:40

Fight Choreographer: Joseph Travers

Choreography & Dance

Untitled Dance Piece

Year of production: 2013

Run time: 3:57

Song: "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver

Choreography: Ray Huth, Vanessa Knouse and Kelly Maxner


Musical Theatre

"Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Le Miserables

 Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg

 Book and Lyrics by Claude-Michel Schonberg, Alain  Boublil, Trevor Nunn, John Caird

 Run time: 3:04


"Lonely Room" from Oklahoma

 Music by Richard Rodgers

 Book and Lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein

 Run time: 1:11

 Vocal Only


Cirque du Soleil


 Cirkus Theater Project 2013

 Stephen T. Shore, dir

 Run time: 6:54

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